Is RSS Loyal to Tri color National flag or Bhagwa? - Know the RSS

When the nation has been independent, the Sangh Parivar is doing politics with Tiranga Jhanda, Our National Flag  by ‘Tiranga yatras’ and Satyagrahas to defend the honor of the flag and the nation. 

Yet when the Indian people were involved in the decades-long struggle for freedom against British imperialism, the RSS was conspicuous by its absence in the struggle.

When thousands of people faced lathis, bullets and jail sentences for hoisting the Tiranga and participated all over the country in satyagraha during the Civil Disobedience and Quit India movements against the British Raj, the Sangh publicly took the stand that it would not take part in the movement and seldom missed the opportunity of assuring the British rulers that they would keep to the right side of colonial law and avoid any clash with the authorities.

Of course, the reason given for this was that the Sangh was secretly strengthening itself and would take on British imperialism only when it was strong enough to do so!

A similar duplicity has marked the statement and actions of the RSS and its leaders throughout its 95 year of history. Nothing illustrates this better than the Sangh’s attitude to the national flag.

Nagpur Case No. 176 is enough to prove their loyalty towards Tiranga Jhanda.  According to the Case Number 176, Nagpur 2001 three activists Baba Mendhe, Ramesh Kalambe and Dilip Chatwani - along with others allegedly entered the RSS premises in Reshimbagh on 26 January in 2001 and hoisted the national flag there amid patriotic slogans.

The in charge of the premises Sunil Kathle first tried to stop them from entering the premises and later tried to prevent them from hoisting the tri-colour.

Watch Is RSS Loyal to Tri color National flag or Bhagwa? - Know the RSS

They contended that RSS has never before or after independence, ever hoisted the tri-colour in their premises, even on Independence Day and Republic Day.

Offences under relevant section of Bombay Police Act and IPC were registered by Police against the trio, who were later freed.  Please Watch Full Video To know the real face of RSS.

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