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We Can See The Persecution Of Christians Continues To Rise In India. Hate Crimes Against Christians In India, Including Instances Of Murder, Rape, And Arson, Have Risen By 40 Percent In The First Half Of 2020, According To A New Report. The Report, By Campaigning Group, Persecution Relief, Noted That The “Disconcerting” Rise Has Taken Place In Spite Of A Three-Month National Lockdown. 

According To Persecution Relief, Between January 2016 And June 2020, There Have Been 2,067 Crimes Inspired By Religious Intolerance Against Christians In India. In April, The US Commission On International Religious Freedom Requested That The U.S. State Department Name India As A “Country Of Particular Concern” Because Of Attacks On Religious Minorities. 

The Worst Manifestation Of The Rise In Persecution Has Been A String Of Murders Of Christians, With Four Deaths Attributed To Anti-Christian Extremists In The Past Few Months. The Series Of Murders Has Raised Fears Amongst Local Christians That Persecution, Usually Experienced Through Boycotts, Threats, And Property Destruction, Is Intensifying In India.

These Fears Are Heightened By The Inaction Over And Sometimes Cooperation With, Persecution On The Part Of State Officials. Voice Of The Martyrs, The Charity That Reported These Events, Said In A Statement That - In Their View - Such Actions Had Been Enabled By The Rhetoric Of BJP Authorities Both Locally And Nationally.

At Another Front In Social Media Many Fringe Twitter Handles Like @Noconversion @missionkali @Exc_Esther @Voice_For_India @Rajivmessage @InfinityMessage @ShivaShakthiOrg @RVadiyala @ProudNationali4 Etc., And Various YouTube Channels Like Intellectual Kshatriya Spreading False Narrations Against Christians And Spreading Christianophobia By Projecting Christians As Breaking India Force.

At This Juncture, Gnanis World Decided To Start Conducting Public Programs And Academic Seminars, Talk Shows And Upload Polemical Videos To Refute These Pseudo Intellectuals And Bring Awareness Among Church. Apart From Internal Resource Persons, We Had Eminent Personalities From All Walks Of Life Contributing To The Lectures. We Also Have Partnered With Scholars From Dalit Studies Who Extensively Use Missionary Records.

You Can See The Polemical Video Uploads In This Channel Of Our Various Works In Defending The Faith And Demolishing The Arguments And Every Pretension That Sets Itself Up Against The Knowledge Of God.

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  1. Intellectual kshatriya has stooped so low as to delete my comments which were refutations to her claims on Christianity and JESUS CHRIST.
    none of my comments violated any community guidelines.

  2. Really! It's so shameful that you hate Hindus who let everyone live their life. You lot come and encroach on their properties, involve in conversion and when they react you cry foul!! You find no shame in lying.

  3. Shame on you and change the name as at agnanis world.come that suits you better!!