Season 3 : KNOW THE RSS

Based on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Documents

It is high time that the people of this country scrutinize the record of patriotism and loyalty to the nation of the RSS itself.Unfortunately, the RSS which is fond of demanding unwavering and unflinching loyalty to the Nation from minorities is neither loyal to the Constitution of India, nor to the National Flag.

RSS is an organization, which openly decries the existence of a democratic, federal, and secular India; the “basic” features of the Constitution of India. In fact, it has a long tradition of worshipping dictators like Hitler and Mussolini. It is an organization that not only openly decried the Freedom Movement against the British rule but also made fun of the great martyrs like Bhagat Singh and his companions who laid down their lives for the liberation of the Motherland. 

In order to know the truth, we will simply have to make access to the literature and publications of the RSS, especially the writings of M.S. Golwalkar known as Guruji who, as a philosopher and guide, is religiously followed by the bosses and cadres of the RSS. 

In Season 3 we have presented fully the official viewpoints of the RSS on different aspects of Indian polity so that it cannot allege misrepresentation. Kindly Subscribe to the Channel 

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